Signe Suhr Mortensen

Signe Suhr Mortensen is a specialist within criminal cases and she takes pride in defending you and your interests to the best of her abilities.

34 year old Signe has seven years of experience from the legal profession, and she has concurrently with her job as a defense attorney been attached to Aarhus University as en external lecturer. She has, among other things, thaught criminal procedure at the master’s degree at the university. She therefore has solid knowledge about legal theory.

Signe has been working at the prosecution service in Greenland, og she therefore has great knowledge regarding working methods of the police and the prosecution service.

Apart from criminal cases, Signe also takes on cases within children law, where she takes part in cases regarding forced placement of children and cases regarding youth crime. She has great knowledge regarding these topics due to her time as teacher on the education for social workers.

The detail is important for Signe, when a criminal case is being prepared, and as a client you will experience Signe as trustworthy and effective. She always provides you with information about the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Contact Signe Suhr Mortensen, if you need a skilled defense attorney, who takes your case seriously.

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