About the law firm

The law firm is highly specialized within criminal law. Economic crimes and serious criminal code offences are within the main specialties of the law firm.

The law firm has been involved in some of the largest, most complex and most serious criminal cases in Denmark for a long period of time. We are therefore able to provide qualified advice based on many years of experience and due to pleading in lots of criminal cases. It demands great specialty knowledge within several areas of the law to be a defense attorney in a criminal case. The law firm counsels on a highly specialized level within every kind of criminal case.

Core values

The law firm operates on the highest legal level within all areas of criminal law

The key words are thoroughness and perseverance regarding doing the optimal for each client. We always work within a strict ethical codex which ensures that the case and the client are not compromised during the course of the case. It also ensures that all legislation is complied with during the handling of the case.