Criminal cases against public employees

Every year a substantial number of criminal cases are put forward against public employees. It may be employees in the public administration, the Danish Defense, the police or the like. There is an increasing focus on the acting of public employees due to for instance whistleblower arrangements, investigation commissions and the like. Therefore, there has also been an increase in the number of criminal cases against public employees.

Chapter 16 of the Danish Criminal Code contains provisions regarding crimes committed in public service or employment. The cases often put forward special demands for the defense attorney, as detailed insight into the public administration and the specific authority’s working methods is necessary.

The law firm has great experience being defense attorneys in cases regarding chapter 16 of the Danish Criminal Code.

The cases often involve employment law matters, and the law firm is able to ensure that these matters are handled optimal through our own competencies as well as external business partners. This applies regarding matters of individuals being sent home or being fired as well as matters related to the subsequent return to the job, when the case is finished.

The law firm also has great experience handling the media and legal crisis-handling in general. The cases typically have great consequences for the involved parties, and therefore, the law firm always ensures to hold a meeting with the client immediately in these kinds of cases. It is important to ensure thorough counselling and organization of the strategy at an early stage of the case, where it is still possible to affect the course of the case.

The law firm is able to represent a client in all these kinds of cases at all court instances as well as in investigation commissions, internal investigations and the like.

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