The costs of the case

When we take on your case, you will receive a mandatory letter of agreement containing information about the costs of the case and our handling of your personal data. The letter is sent to your e-boks, if you have given us consent to do so, and otherwise we will deliver it to you personally at the first meeting.

In criminal cases the attorney’s fee is determined by rates set by the courts.

In criminal cases you are usually entitled to have a defense attorney assigned to you. This means that the Danish National Treasury pays the fee at first. If you are convicted, you however must expect to have to pay the costs all by yourself or partially by yourself.

It can also be decided by the court that you have to pay for other costs in the case, for instance expenses regarding expert counselling, declarations and the like.

In other cases, the fee is determined due to an agreement between the law firm and the client. The fee is agreed individually, as it depends on the extent and characteristics of the case. The costs will always be determined with a basis of a set hourly rate and on basis of actual time spent.

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