The course of a criminal case

There are not two identical cases. As a rule, the course of a criminal case can be divided into three phases; the investigation phase, the indictment phase and the main hearing phase, which takes place in court. At the end of the main hearing, the verdict will be delivered.

The law firm has great experience representing suspects, charged and indicted individuals from the beginning of the investigation and all the way to the verdict in court. The law firm has through several years completed hundreds of criminal cases within all kinds of criminal law areas. In every case you will at some point be summoned for a meeting, where you will be walked through the expected course of the case.

The law firm can, amongst other things, assist regarding the following

  • Participation in preliminary examinations and court hearings regarding prolongation of custody
  • Participation in court hearings regarding invasions of one’s privacy (police raids, wiretapping etc.)
  • Participation in investigation carried out in cooperation with the police or separately carried out by the law firm
  • Preparation of legal briefs and examinations regarding relevant areas of the law
  • Drawing up of written pleadings
  • Participation in court hearings in district courts, high courts and Supreme Court
  • Conducting of trials at the European Court of Human Rights
  • Conducting of trials at various administrative complaints boards

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