Free choice of defense attorney

There is liberty of choice of defense attorney in Denmark. This means that a charged person can choose a defense attorney freely. It also means that a person at any time can switch to another attorney.

A person can switch attorney by contacting the new desired attorney. If a person is imprisoned, then the person can switch to another attorney by writing a letter to the court. 

The free choice of defense attorney is, however, limited by a set of rules, which is designed to ensure a fast execution of criminal cases. When a case has been scheduled by the court, a person will only be allowed to switch to another attorney, if the new attorney is able to meet at the scheduled date. Therefore, it is important to assign the right defense attorney as soon as possible. 

Changing one’s defense attorney does not induce extra costs for the person. The Danish National Treasury pays the fee to the defense attorney at first. 

You can also learn more about the costs of the case here.

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