About the law firm

The law firm of Jan Schneider was founded by Jan Schneider in 2018.

Jan Schneider has been a partner and owner of TVC law firm for a number of years, and due to this, he has specialized greatly within criminal law and economic criminal law.
The law firm is highly specialized within a number of areas such as regular offences, economic crimes and cases regarding special laws.
The law firm was founded with the purpose of producing the best defense in every criminal case the firm is involved in.

Criminal law is a complicated area of the law

The lawyer must have great knowledge about various areas of the law, great insight into the situation of the client as well as great experience in terms of performing in court, if the case has to be handled as well as possible.

Especially large criminal cases can be very resource demanding. Therefore, the law firm always has the opportunity of cooperating with external legal personnel regarding execution of studies, legal research etc. In that way, the law firm will always be able to at least match the resources of the authorities.

Through many years, the law firm and Jan Schneider have been representing clients in some of the largest, most complex, most talked about and most serious criminal cases in Denmark

As examples can be mentioned “The Cum-Ex case” and “The Britta Nielsen case”, as well as smaller and more principled cases such as the first case about killing a wolf in Denmark, the case about “Danish Space Challenge” and numerous other special law cases. The law firm therefore has great expertise when it comes to handling the authorities as well as the press and the general public in large and complex criminal cases.

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