Legal personnel

Mia Vest Rasmussen

   +45 26 23 29 96

Mia Vest Rasmussen was born in 1995. She studies at Aarhus University, and at this moment she is finalizing her Candidate of Law. She finished her Bachelor of Law in 2018. Mia was a legal intern in the spring of 2019, and she has been employed by the firm as a student assistant since then.

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Mark Lauge Pedersen

   +45 26 70 48 82 / +45 26 23 29 96

Mark Lauge Pedersen was born in 1996. He was hired in January 2019. He was a legal intern in the firm in the autumn of 2019. Mark Lauge Pedersen graduated from Aarhus University law school in 2020, and he has been employed as an assistant attorney since July 2020.

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Siv Lund Mygind

   +45 26 23 29 96

Jan Schneider er født i 1977. Han blev uddannet jurist i 2004 fra Århus Universitet. Derefter var han fuldmægtig i 3 år i det daværende Advokatfirmaet Tommy V. Christiansen (TVC Advokatfirma)…

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